Other Features

Features behind the curtains!

Preloaded Images

All image tags are preloaded using LazyLoad for instant content loading and there's no new code for you to learn!

Native Back to Top

We use the Twitter / Facebook style of back to top button with a beautiful bottom rising button. Scroll to see it!

Share with Style

Toggle a share box animation from the bottom with the most common social networks so you can share your page easily. Try it ! Tap me!

Optimized Code

There's a lot that can go wrong if your code isn't properly optimized, we made sure no ressource hungry JS loads without being need.

Working Contact Form

Many items don't offer a fully working contact form, which is just a shame! Our item provides a bullet-proof 18.000 sales working contact form! No complaints for our form, ever!

CPU CSS3 Accelerated

Every possible animation is made using CSS3, from the Sidebars to Menus, and that makes the page use the full power of your mobile device, offering you PEFECTLY smooth animations!

Much More!

There are so many more features you must see them all for yourself! Check out the SiteMap and see all the pages available! See all Pages

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